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“Ramesses Riches” is an exciting scratch card from NextGen, based on the theme of ancient Egypt. This game promises to take players on an adventurous journey through the treasures of Pharaoh Ramesses.

How to play the scratch card “Ramesses Riches”

“Ramsses Riches” is scratch card game often offered by various lottery and gambling companies. Here are the general steps to play this type of scratch card game:

  • Purchasing a scratch card: Buy a “Ramesses Riches” scratch card from an authorised outlet, online or in a physical shop.
  • Scratch the panel: After you buy the scratch card, scratch it to reveal the hidden symbols or numbers. Usually, there are several boxes you can scratch.
  • Vergelijk de symbolen of nummers: Vergelijk de onthulde symbolen of nummers met de vooraf bepaalde winnende combinaties die op het kraslot worden vermeld. This will determine whether you have won a prize.
  • Check the prize table: Each scratch card has a prize table that shows which combinations of symbols or numbers lead to which prizes. Make sure you check the prize table to see which combinations are profitable.
  • Claim your prize: If you have a winning combination, follow the instructions on the scratch card to claim your prize. This may mean handing in the scratch card at a retail outlet or checking online how to claim your prize.
  • Play again (optional): If you want to keep playing, you can buy a new scratch card and repeat the above steps.

It is important to note that scratch cards are a game of chance and the outcomes are completely random. Make sure you play responsibly and only spend money you can afford to lose.

Symbols and Payouts

“Ramesses Riches” is infused with symbols inspired by ancient Egypt, each with its own unique payout values. Refer to the game information for detailed information on the exact symbols and associated payouts.

In this game, there are different symbols and payouts. Please note that specific information about symbols and payouts may vary depending on the version of the game and the casino platforms on which it is offered. Here is a general overview of the symbols and possible payouts:


  • Ramses (Wild symbol): Ramses acts as the Wild symbol and can substitute for other symbols, except the scatter symbol. It helps form winning combinations.
  • Ankh (Scatter symbol): The Ankh symbol is the scatter symbol. When getting at least 3 scatter symbols on the reels, you activate free spins.
  • Egyptian Queen, Eye of Ra, Sphinx, Pharaoh, A, K, Q, J, 10: These are regular symbols with different payout values.


  • The payouts vary based on the number of matching symbols on an active payline. The more matching symbols, the higher the payout.
  • Exact payout information, including winning combinations and corresponding payouts, can be found in the “Ramesses Riches” game rules on the respective casino platform you play on.

It is always recommended to consult the specific game rules of the game on the casino platform where you play it for the most accurate and updated information on symbols and payouts.

Volatility, RTP and Maximum Wins of “Ramesses Riches”


The volatility of “Ramesses Riches” is usually considered medium to high. This means that the game can generally yield less frequent, but potentially bigger profits.

RTP (Return to Player):

The RTP for “Ramesses Riches” is often around 95-96%, indicating that on average, over a longer period and many spins, the game returns around 95-96% of the bet to players. RTP is a theoretical average and individual game sessions can vary significantly from this percentage.

Maximum Win:

The maximum win you can get in “Ramesses Riches” varies and depends on several factors, including your bet, the number of winning combinations, and any bonus rounds or free spins. You can often get a significant multiplier during the free spins, which can lead to significant winnings. Exact figures for maximum winnings vary depending on the game and can be given in the game information.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the volatility, RTP and maximum winnings of “Ramesses Riches”, consult the game rules and information on the casino platform on which you play the game. Casino sites often provide detailed information on the game’s technical specifications.


“Ramesses Riches” is an immersive scratch card game that is sure to appeal to fans of ancient Egypt. With attractive graphics, compelling sounds and an array of engaging bonus features, the game offers an exciting gaming experience. Although the maximum win amount is unspecified, the reasonable RTP and volatility ensure plenty of chances for handsome rewards. Highly recommended for scratch card lovers and history enthusiasts!


What is ‚ÄúRamesses Riches‚ÄĚ?

‚ÄĚRamesses Riches‚ÄĚ is a popular online video slot game with an Egyptian theme, based on the famous pharaoh Ramses II. It is developed by NextGen Gaming and offers exciting gameplay with various features and bonus rounds.

How do I play ‚ÄúRamesses Riches‚ÄĚ?

In ‚ÄúRamesses Riches‚ÄĚ it‚Äôs all about getting winning combinations of symbols on the reels. The wild symbol (Ramesses) substitutes for other symbols to increase winnings. Free spins are triggered by the scatter symbol (Ankh). Refer to the game rules for more detailed instructions.

What is the volatility of this game?

The volatility of ‚ÄúRamesses Riches‚ÄĚ is often considered medium to high. This means that the game offers potentially bigger wins, but less frequently than a low volatility game.

What is the RTP percentage?

The average RTP percentage for ‚ÄúRamesses Riches‚ÄĚ is usually around 95-96%. This represents the theoretical long-term average return for players.

What is the maximum profit I can achieve?

The maximum win varies depending on your bet, the number of winning combinations and any bonus rounds. Please refer to the game information for the specific maximum winnings in ‚ÄúRamesses Riches‚ÄĚ.

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