Online gambling at a casino is the favorite pastime of many Dutch people. The games are becoming more and more beautiful and the techniques more and more ingenious. You can sit behind an old-fashioned slot machine but also play live by means of a video stream. The methods of payment are also expanding. It's very annoying when you're just playing and there's no money left in your casino account to continue playing. It's nice to be able to replenish your account quickly and easily. In a ClickandBuy casino this was possible.

Alternative Casinos

Pros and Cons of ClickandBuy Casino Payment Method

The biggest disadvantage of a ClickandBuy casino is that they no longer exist. The whole payment method stopped in 2016. Why is not entirely clear because it was a very popular payment method for a long time. The big advantage was of course that the money could be transferred from account to account very quickly because there was no intermediary. Moreover, you never had to leave your bank details somewhere to deposit or receive money. So it was a very safe payment method to use. So is it a big loss? Yes and no.

There are plenty of other e-wallets you can now use to play online at the casino. Paypal, Neteller and other e-wallets have the same features and benefits as ClickandBuy and the big advantage of those other e-wallets is that they still exist. You can now create an account at an e-wallet if you want and look for a reliable casino where you can deposit directly with your e-wallet. If you want to make things even easier for yourself, find a casino that offers mobile play. This way you'll have both your payment method and the casino at hand when you're on the go. What's better than being able to play casino when you're on your way to work on the train or when you have to wait for something long? The waiting room at the dentist's office becomes a lot more fun when you can sit down at the poker table or place a bet on a nice slot machine while waiting. Whatever the game, depositing money and withdrawing winnings at online casinos is always fastest when using an e-wallet and not a credit card or bank transfer.